Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Adventures!

Today is my birthday! Jim and I celebrated early yesterday with dinner at The Melting Pot. It was so yummy!

Today I got tons of fun gifts from my friends at school and had dinner with my mom and Buffy & Co. when I got to the restaurant Kakes yelled out happy day Nene! Buffy brough me a giant sugar cookie from Paradise Bakery and the night ended with Kakes scraping off the frosting and feeding it to both of us.

Tomorrow I am celebrating with Ayesha and Deb. So fun!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Art Journal Complete!

I finished up another journal this morning. I love having a finished journal but I am a little sad to see this one go. :) I did 14 pages and added a flower to the cover last night and this morning. here are the cover and first few pages I worked on in the last few days.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Faint...

I'm finally posting. :)

I am sure as soon as I get used to being back at school (and caught up) and they fix my AC so that I am not sweating all day I will get back on a more consistent blogging schedule. :)

Today was pretty much the first day back to making my own art since school started. My mom brought supplies to make a monochromatic book to my house. Deb, & Ayesha joined us too! We had tons of fun. Deb, Ayesha and I used photos from our Tuesday night dinners to completer our books. It was fun to see how different our books turned out even though we started out with all te same supplies. Here's my book.

I also realized that my APAD journal was on July 19! I REFUSE to be more than one month behind! I have been busy collaging this evening and hope to be into August before Monday. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shut The Front Door!

I have been BUSY with school starting. So busy in fact that I didn't even open the package that arrived yesterday with my name on it. When I opened the package today I nearly fell over!

Not only were my skeleton plushies published they are on the FRONT COVER! My 5th graders are getting ready to make the simple skeleton next week they are going to freak out!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fun & Excitement

First the fun! My class yesterday with Lisa Engelbrecht was so fun! I learned so many fun techniques and now I'll be practicing! I glad I have her book Modern Mark Making it will be a great reference! I also got to meet some of the girls from A Prompt A Day! I love Art Unraveled!

Now the Excitement! When I got home yesterday I found an email from Somerset Studios Sew Somerset telling me that my work had been selected to be in the December magazine! I called my mom excitedly to discover that she had also been selected for the same edition! I am super excited especially for both of us to be in the same magazine at the same time!

I have been pretty quiet on my blog about being published because I didn't want to jinx anything but I am too excited and decide to spill the beans! Here's a peek what's getting published!

October: Cloth Paper Scissors, Reader's Challenge, Skeleton's In My Closet

November: Somerset Studios Black & White edition techniques-based article: Art Journal

December: Somerset Studios Sew Somerset techniques-based article: Stitched book (This is my art Journaling and embroidery colliding)

Winter 09: Somerset Studios, A collaborative chunky book I participated in will featured and my page (and my mom's too!) was picked to be shown in the magazine.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back To School

Can you tell just by distance between posts that it's back to school time? :) I went back to school last week for three mornings and have been back this week as well to work in my classroom and on the first meeting for the art teachers in my district which is exactly one week from today. I feel like my actual room is under control now. I am just waiting for my supplies to be delivered so that I can get them inventoried and put away.

Add in one birdcage necklace.....

shopping for Art Unraveled supplies, a nap every afternoon because of the heat and about 500 Quick Trip Peach White Teas and you have my play by play for the missing time since my last blog. :)

I am very excited to take my first Art Unraveled class tomorrow! I will be taking Tats/Graff/Freestyle Modern Lettering For All Ocasions with Lisa Engelbrecht. I am super excited! The class supply lists asks us to bring our colletion of pens. I am trying to decide if I am really taking my pen box or not. I don't want to scare anyone but I might need something in there. :) I am excited to get my supplies packed tonight!