Monday, June 29, 2009


My sewing machine started acting up while my mom was out of town (of course). Today she officially pronounced it more expensive to fix than to replace. Jim took my to Sears tonight to get a replacement. (Reason # 107845 why he is so terrific!) Dun-dun-da-da!

Isn't it beautiful? My last sewing machine was literally as old as I was, passed down from my mom. I consider this MY first machine I know it's dorky but I am super excited! M gave me this cool skull vinyl decal some time ago and I was waiting for just the right thing to put it on. Clearly this was the best choice!

Here are a few new journal pages too. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ayesha and I went to see Up in 3-D on Friday. 3-D is AMAZING! I want to see every 3-D movie made! Up also had a great story line. I cried twice, yes really. I cry easy but I bet you'd cry too! :)

We also art journaled in public! I worked on my art journal cards. We went tot he Corner Bakery- they actually recognized us this time-funny.

We had so much fun we went crafting in public on Saturday morning too. This time we went to Lola Coffee. Ayesha journaled again, I worked on embroidery. It is funny to do art in public. Everyone likes to ask you if you are scrapbooking. LOL!

Today we celebrated Father's Day with my day. He was on a bike ride last weekend. We went to Pappadeaux, one of my dad's favorites. It reminds him of home. :) We had fried alligator. Buffy asked Kakes if she wanted to try some chicken gator-Ha! If you say chicken first little kids will try anything. She liked it but told us it was spicy.

Afterwards we had her pose on my dad's bike. (Baby Q is still too little for these kinds of nonsense-lucky her.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yay! Caught Up!

I slept in today (That's 6 for me!) and got caught up on my APAD journal! I wanted to be caught up because Ayesha is on her way over so we can go see Up in 3-D and go journal in public!

I know your saying, "Why did you journal so you can go journal?" The answer is I wanted to work on my journal cards in public. :) Off to pack my journaling bag! I'll let you know how it goes!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Journal Pages Today

Today I decided to journal first and then get busy(ish) later. :) I met Buffy, Deb, Sarah, & the babies for lunch today and then had to nap for two hours. (Does that count as busy?) I did do a little laundry and check on getting a Doggie door installed too. ;)

I should be caught up by tommorrow. I am halfway through my journal at thais point. It is my plan to make a video of me turning the pages when it is finished so you can see how all the little pages work together. I love this journal!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Should these little plastic boxes make me so ridiculously happy?

Kelly introduced them to me and showed me how she kept them in her journaling bag full of stuff. The only trouble is she had to mail order them. I found the exact boxes today at the Container Store! I already need another one!

I got a few more journal pages done today. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It is hard to get any art journaling done when you are constantly on Facebook! I just joined yesterday. It was easy to clean out ALL of my drawers and closet this morning when everyone was at work but tonight when Facebook was busy with friends it was a different story. :)

Art journal pages from today...

I will be caught up before June is over...I will be caught up before Junen is over...I will be caught up before June is over...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finding Focal Images

Ayesha ads I went to Bookman's Used Books yesterday in search of focal images. We found lots of good stuff but the best discovery was "The Magazine Of New Writing: Granta" I was full of short stories but in the center of each one was all of these great full color focal images! We were very excitted especially since the two best ones had two copies so we didn't have to share. ;)

I finally found a way to use up some of my trade-in money. :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Jewlery Etc.

I woke up this morning itching to work on a few jewelery projects. First, I made a necklace like the one I taught Sara to make a few weeks ago. She found one like it online and wanted her own for obvious reasons and was nice enough to share a feather and flower with me!

Next came the BFF (HA!) rings I had been wanting to make for Ayesha and I. We have been drawn to lots of EXPENSIVE flower rings lately! When I saw these jewlery parts I knew I needed to solve our problem for us!

Of course if Ayesha and I have BFF rings then I need to have one with Deb too! I made these ones using a piece of her favorite scrapbook paper, an oval pendant tray ring and some Gel Du Soleil.

I also framed my own art from Sandy and added it to my cool art wall in the library. I love this wall!

Friday, June 19, 2009

You Can't Win If You Don't Play

It is scary sending your art out into the world! Not so much on my blog because if people don't like it they don't have to look but rather to publishers. :) I sent off my Christmas journal to Cloth Paper Scissors yesterday. I packaged it up cute and away it went.

I always wonder will they like it? Will it get there and home again safely? Am I sure I followed all of the directions? (Even though I read them 10 billion times. :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed again!

I have been working on art curriculum for the last three days. My tiny group of three accomplished amazing things in the last few days. I love writing curriculum but it is mentaly exhausting and I'm happy to give my brain a break today.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Art Journaling Cards

It would have just been plain weird to work on my prompts for APAD while I was actually with Kelly so I took my art journal cards that I made in a different Kelly class.

I love these! They are each like a tiny journal page but I like the idea that when people look at them they will get all shuffled around and not go in any particular order! First their is a reminder picture of how the cards are held and then what I did with them. I will need to add a focal image to the card holder at some point. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Vibe Hotel

f you are in your 20's the Vibe Hotel is perfect for you! We decided to stay at the Vibe Hotel because it was near Kelly's house and it looked cool and hip. We had no Idea how cool it was. (You may notice as you read this post hat our opinion of The Vibe hotel kept changing back and fourth between really good and not so good. :)

We arrived right on time for check in to unload our suitcases and our room was not ready for us yet. After a short and polite conversation the young hip 20 something guy at the desk asked us for our driver's license put them on the copy machine and agreed to let us put our bags in the room even though it was not clean yet. End of conversation.

About two stores later we discovered we did not get our driver's license back. We called the hotel and they told us they held them until we pre-paid for the room. Never mind he never asked us to pay-whatever.

When we got back to our room after a full day of shopping and our room was made up it looked cute and had a great kitchen space for art making. Friday night was super quiet. The hotel woke up at 8 a.m. and you could hear people being busy around the hotel cleaning, playing basketball with a soccer ball, the hotel music came on, (Yes, I said the hotel's music) and other things that 20 year-olds do when they are away in hotels. This was not a problem we were already awake it was just interesting.

We decided to wait for Kelly outside once we got a call that she was near so that we could people watch. A 16 passenger bus pulled up, loaded a bunch of girls up and took off. Again interesting. We later discovered a list of tour options on the back of our hotel door.

When we got back to the hotel that night we discovered that their was a free comedy routine going on and the 16 passenger van as no dropping all kind of kids off at our hotel. We could hear the comedy show in our room and continued making art. Following this show their was loud rap music-like a club right in the center of our hotel until sometime after 11:30 when I fell asleep because I was exhausted. Again, due to the exhaustion the loud music/party was not a problem. it just made me feel old!

On Sunday we woke up to clanging beer bottler clean up and again the hotel music. We think it may have been a type of wake up call so everyone checked out on time.

Why do I say it's the perfect hotel for someone in their 20's? Well aside from the drinking, music, basketball, and comedy routine, they also offered a "movie room" three computer's with Internet aces, a Foosball table, ping-pong, and a tiki lounge that served as a space for continental breakfast. Also, if you're in you 20's you wouldn't mind not having any water pressure in your shower if you could have all of the above mentioned luxuries. :) Would we stay there again? It depends on when you ask us but it was fun and it had a great art table!