Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Spooky Book

Yesterday I took my mom's class at Frenzy Stamper. It's nice to take a class and actually get a whole project done in one sitting! Here it is...

My mom is selling her extra kits on her blog so now that you are in love with this spooky book get yours while you can!

And here are the goodies I picked up While I was at Frenzy too!

This super cool ice cream parlor also moved in a few doors down from Frenzy. It is super cute old fashioned ice cream parlor and game area. It also has a cotton candy machine! I am happy to have treats so close to Frenzy! You know I love taking classes at Frenzy and desserts only make it better!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Getting Spooky Around Here!

I didn't get super crazy with Halloween decorations around here this year just because with Shannon's wedding and visiting Deb I feel like Halloween has been about three days long this year. I do realize that I could still add more decorations but to be honest I'm feeling a little lazy.

I do love my spooky center piece and am looking forward to showing you how it will transition into a Thanksgiving and Christmas centerpiece too!

I bought the black glittered pumpkin at Target, black and white sixletts from Hobby Lobby in the wedding section, and everything else is Gold Canyon!
Cobweb Twinkle Ties
Ivory Chimney Set
Floating Tealight Holders
Crystal Candle Stands
I love, love, love it!

Also, Have you been to Trader Joe's and met the pumpking Trees? If you said no, get in your car go directly to Trader Joe's, do not pass go, do not collect $200!

They are so stinkin' cute! Deb doesn't have a Trader Joe's so I even took some on the plane to her. The one I bought for Deb was even better than my origional one so I'm thinking that the later in the season it gets the cooler they will be!

Friday, October 22, 2010

100 Days

Quite coincidentally I decided to figure out how many days it had been since my last blog post this morning and realized it had been exactly 100 days. Weird right? (Yes, the math was really about the blog in case you are wondering.) 101 days with no blog post would just be ridiculous so here I am.

Ayesha and I just got back from visiting Deb in Texas! It's perfect how the school district worked in an October break so I can still celebrate Halloween with Deb. LOL!

We visited a pumpkin farm.

carved pumpkins, (I went old school. Mine is the far right.)

visited the Halloween Bootique,

and even had spooky dinner!

We also made Alonna a new wall mural for her room!

We had a great time & I can't wait to plan our November visit in AZ!