Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art Party Today!

Last night I was able to finish several journal pages. Eventually I fell asleep in my chair while I was waiting for my pen to dry. SAD! (I fell asleep because I am fighting off a soar throat not because it was actually getting late just for the record.:)

I was going to try to at least collage the final pages before the art party starts at my house but Jim says I should be out buying snacks! :) I will post more info on the party soon!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Halloween Journal

I am determined to have my Halloween journal done no later than tomorrow! It has enough pages to last until November 29th and I am determined to have it done on time! Here are some new pages.

I am also going to da a little crafty shopping trip with a couple of the girls today, yippee!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sew Somerset

Guess what I am holding in my hot little hands? Sew Somerset Dec/Jan/Feb 2010. It is my first publcation that includes an article!

Not only that you can also find my mom published in the same yummy magazine!

This magazine is amazing! You may think I am a little biased but I would need to buy a copy even if I wasn't in it! Lots of fabric journaling!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Don't you just love this drawing? One of my 1st graders finished her project early and with out being prompted drew this picture. I LOVE the turkey!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Publication #3

Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2010 hits the stands in December. Be sure to check out page 100 to find not only my art work but my mom's as well. My mom hosted an Alphabet Chunky Book Swap with 27 fabulous artists including Kelly Kilmer (see Kelly's cover on page 98 of the magazine). 12 of our pages were chosen to be on display in Somerset Studio! My mom's is the top -letter S- and mine is on the bottom-letter T.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cute Advent Callendar

I saw this cute idea in a magazine years ago. I cut it out and hung it on my inspiration line and didn't do anythign about it until this year when it was screaming at me to take action. :) It was easy, fun, and I can post it on my bog now because it won't ruin the surprises!

You just take 25 envelopes decorate them any way you want, hide fun surprises inside, and either hang it on your wall like a tree or mail it to your friends and suggest that they hang it like a tree. :) I have one tree like assemblage and then some up close photos of the envelopes. You still have time to make one of your own!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My "Year" Book

Today is my 5th wedding anniversary. :) I decided last weekend that I needed to start making a book that I could put just one picture of Jim and I in to represent each year we are together. As of now we have not changed that much aside from glasses and the appearance of my nose ring but 30 years from now it is going to be even more amazing than it is today and since it will only be one picture per year from here on out it shouldn't be hard to keep up with.

I got this great old binder from Kelly and made pages for it by cutting a 12 x 12 double sided paper to 9 X 12 and then using the scrap to make a 9 x 3 piece that I attached with the backside facing up. It's like this binder was made for 12 x 12 paper. I actually made lots more pages than I used so far so that I have pages in a similar color theme for the first 20 years. :)

I hade to use 2 pictures for 2004. One from the wedding and onde from our honeymoon. :)

Notice these letters spell Frizzell. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This Is Only Funny If You Are NOT An Art Teacher!

I occasionally tell my friends at work I am off to play with paint when I leave them to go off to do some less exciting job like lesson planning or paperwork. Of course I have to be careful when I say this because someone who has never taught art before might think all I really do all day is play with paint. (Like the substitute teacher yesterday who asked why special area teachers got a prep. He then added, "I understand why a classroom teacher needs a prep but why an art teacher?" I politely informed him that art faeries do not come to cut paper for projects nor do they keep grades for my 650+ kids that I see each week. Eyes rolling here.)

Anyway, after yesterday it will be a long time before I mention using paint at school. Here goes the biggest paint disaster in my teaching career to date.

So my Kindergartners have been making spiders out of paper mache. Imagine this a ball of newspaper covered in paper mache that has been painted black with four pipe cleaners sticking out on both sides for legs. Toting said spiders around by the legs is like the best thing ever. Even when I warn they may break, they love the legs. (That is a cute part) Yesterday one of my classes needed to add eyes to their spiders. I demonstrated how to use the end of the paint brush as a tool to make dots, which of course was an amazing technique to a 5 year old.

Everything was great until two boys decided to pour the white paint from the medicine cup they were using as a paint container all over their spider. Still I did not judge, they are in charge of their own artwork and I reminded they they got a score for neatness. As we were putting the spiders back in the window to dry one of the paint pourers, I don't know which one, apparently was caring his spider by the legs and approached my from behind (Which for the record is a no-no on paint days. Yes, their really is a rule not to be behind me on paint days.:) and bumped his paint covered spider against my leg.

Now, I don't feel the bump and he doesn't tell me. Suddenly I am like why do my pants feel wet? I look down and their is white paint all over my inner thigh in a band as wide as my hand and down the backs of both legs of my black pants. I immediately grab a wash cloth and start wasting off any paint I can reach sure I have got to get it out immediately or it will be a permanent feature. I call Ayesha to come help save me by washing off the parts I can't reach. Luckily we got the majority of the paint out, I was only wearing wet pants for about 45 minutes, and at lunch nobody was able to tell that only a few short hours before I was walking paint girl. All's well that ends well right? I'm telling you I've never been happier that Kindergarten is only scheduled to be using dry media until Christmas! At least it was good for a blog post. :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So Buffy managed to pull Jim out of his two year bowling retirement to bowl on her team in her school districts bowling tournament this past weekend. It was cute. I'm sure bowling shouldn't be described as cute but how could you not find this cute? Jim borrowed the cape from the girls bowling in the lane next to them dressed in costume. :)

And this after strike dance was almost to much to handle!

I've been busy working on top secret projects because well, tis' the season! I can reveal this cute one though as it was unveiled last night! I love advent calendars, it was a discovery in life about 8 years ago, anyway I digress...I made a 5 day "advent calendar" for Jim for our 5th anniversary which is on Saturday. I changed out my inspiration line above my desk to all be pictures of us and hearts and flowers too! He didn't even notice me changing everything of course! (And that's kinda the best part!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yay Friday Already!

I'm still loving having Wednesday off! I did a little mid week journaling and started the final signature in my Halloween book. I will have to move on before you know it! HA! (Like who else do you know that used a Halloween journal for three months of journaling?)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yay Veteran's Day!

I am so happy to have a day off to catch up on things! So far I have cleaned out my kitchen cabinets, changed the light bulbs in the ceiling fans that are up way high, (I know this does not sound exciting but I am thrilled!) figured out the perfect coffee combination for me, and done a little journaling as well.

I have big plans to update the school blog with the state fair winners to post tomorrow, ice cream with Kakes and Baby Q and I need to get started on a Christmas list that everyone has been asking for. :) I also want to head on over to Hannah Grey and see whats new! I love today.