Friday, October 23, 2009

Home Safe

We arrived home safely today (with a $50 fine for wasting resources AKA speeding through a small town speedtrap.). All things considered we had a great time! We went on a beautiful one mile hike the morning after it snowed.

I know I shouldn't love this carved up tree but I do.

Visited a few local spots.

But mostly just stayed at the cabin working in our "studio space" and enjoying the view.

This is the view from the living room.

And this is the view from our bed!

Ayesha enjoyed the hot tub but I was too wimpy because it was only about 50 degrees outside and I couldn't get past the smell of chlorine. I did get tons of art journaling done (30 Pages!) so stay tuned! I love break!


miss sumbal said...

Fabulous couple of days... you forgot to mention my attempt at fly fishing. ;-)

Kelly Kilmer said...

I love the pictures!!!!

Sorry about the ticket-yucka!

Cute cute pictures-love the one of Jim sitting at the table surrounded by art supplies!!!!! LOL!!!!!

You guys look like you had lots of fun!!!!!!!! YAY!