Sunday, October 4, 2009

Show And Tell

So here's what I made this weekend!

On Friday night we took a journal to work in and worked on art journaling ideas. I took my ledger book I made with Kelly on her last visit. I also took every painting or collaging opportunity to work in this book. I plan to use it when I get caught up on my prompts from A Prompt A Day.

Next, I made this cool green book on Saturday day. I love the color of the outside but love the inside covers too!

Saturday night was this cute smaller journal.

Today was this cool journal! Check out the spine!

I had so much fun this weekend bookbinding, journaling, shopping, and visiting! Kelly will be back at Frenzy the first weekend in February! Save a date to take a class now! If you are looking for amazing Halloween art supplies go to Frenzy now!

I should also mention that Kelly brought us Sprinkles on Saturday! I was able to pass up the cupcake but couldn't pass up the frosting. Look how cute they wrapped the frosting shot! It was a great weekend!


Kelly Kilmer said...

ahhhhh LOVE the books!!

mmm sprinkles...only when i am in az with friends...

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...

miss sumbal said...

Cool projects! I'll be sure to take a class with you again in February!

I'm also proud of you for just having one shot. Keep it up, Jeane!