Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Off To Play In The Woods!

Jim, Ayesha, and I are off to play in the woods today! Don't worry I won't be roughing it. We will actually be staying in a cabin until Friday. Ayesha and I have packed art supplies and we have art and a whole lot of nothing else planned! We have the options of hiking, mountain biking, ATV riding, fly fishing, game playing , and movie watching avaliable. We will be playing it by ear. If our phones get reception I will be blogging too. :)

In the meantime here are a few more journal pages.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Have fun fun fun!

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
It is so sad that you don't remember special times at the park. Right round the time you turned one, we were in between coming back from living in CA and buying our first house. We lived in an apartment right across the street from a park. I was a stay at home mom, so the whole day was ours to play and every day we went to the park. Good times I will never forget.