Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zinnia & Etc.

Last summer when I was visiting Zinnia in CA. I joined this cool project for I was not allowed to show my pieces on my blog yet because that is top secret info. I can tell you that you can go here to see the display going up and my two pieces are both pictured. Can you find them??? I will show pictures of my pieces here once the sale of the work is done.

Last night I collaged 12 art journal pages and this morning I added the journaling. :) Now my little journal is done. I love working on lots of pages at once. I mean why not if all the supplies are out right? Here are the first 5...

I am so in love with my Halloween journal from yesterday's post that I actually think I am going to use it for my next journal. It may be silly but it will take September, October, and November's prompts to fill it and at least for now 'tis the season! I realized when I started my last journal that I was "saving my favorite journals for something good". You know hording journals like art supplies. I need to stop that right now! LOL!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

LOVE the pages!

LOVE your Zinnia artwork!

You know what I say about a journal-use it up baby!