Thursday, October 29, 2009

Journal Storage

Jamie asked and interesting question yesterday that I'm sure you'd all love the answer too. :) When I am done with my journals I stand them on top of my book shelf in my library. (The fun name given to my room with my book shelves and the dogs kennels. It was converted from a junk room to the library as my Christmas gift last year and I still love it!) Here's a little bonus picture.

Two of my completed journals are away from home right now. The Christmas journal is on it's way home as we speak and wil join the collection soon. :) When they both arrive back and my Halloween journal is finished (sometime in November) I might have to find an additional storage area. :)

More Halloween pages.


Jamie said...

I would love to sit in that chair over there and go thru every single one of them and be inspired. Then we'd go out for lots of laughs and good food. ;)
Thanks for sharing! My curiosity is satisfied. For now.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Love the pages!!!

Show us your books girlie!!! Who does tarot?

Sandy said...

Great pages. I miss my journaling. I hope to get in the groove again soon.