Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love break!

Break started officially at 11:15 yesterday. I love a vacation from work as much as the next guy but I always forget how great it feels to know you are off for a whole week!

I did make Ayesha hang out at work with me yesterday until 12:00 so that I could tie up a few loose ends so that I could take as little as possible home with me for break! After lunch out, a pedicure, a little clothing shopping, and a little vacation planning I was feeling like a million bucks by the time Jim got home from work.

Early this morning I headed to my mom's house with my sewing machine and made this amazing post office bag! My mom helped attach the handles when it got tricky. :) Don't you love teh self inflicted shot?

When my mom headed to Frenzy to teach her class today I headed to Ayesha's. After a quick brunch at Baiz Market we headed over to Halo. My nose ring has been making me crazy for months. I seriously thought I was allergic to it but as it turns out not so. They thought it was just bent in a way that my nose didn't like so I got a new titanium ring that we could try a new a new design with. Who knew nose piercing was such a science?

We went next door to Francis and Smeeks and I found lots of great treasures! If you live in AZ and have not visited these stores add it to your to do list! They are both super cute and you never know what you'll find!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Your bag is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Love the goodies you picked up! FUNNY I picked up the Small Object labels last week too!!! I LOVE the sticker and stamp too cute!!!!! All of it is COOL. HAVE FUN on your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Yay for you!!! Love that bag!
I didn't know you had a nose ring. You go girl! ;)
Love the goodies you found! I wish we had fun stores like that around here.
I got my book the other day and I looove it! Thanks soo very much. Your square is very much a treasure. ;)
Hope you enjoy your break!!!! And I hope you'll be making lots of goodies to show us!!!!! hehehe

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
Most girls get a new machine and then spend a few years working on simple fabrics gradually, possibly working their way into the tricky stuff, but not MY girl. Upholstery fabric, here she comes, or should that be, there she went?
xoheartP, The photo does it no justice.