Friday, June 13, 2008

All Tied Up

Today I tied all of the completed covers for the Frenzy Stamper Chunky Book Swap! WOOHOO! I love them but are happy they are done and I can't wait to swap them.

Speaking of all tied up, I got two super cute rings I have been dying to get from an etsy seller named Curly Girl Glass. I LOVE her art work. The first one is the sweetest bow ever. It will be perfect to wear when I need to remember something. :)

The second one is oh so cool. Not right for just anyone but perfect for me! (Jim is sure I am going to hurt him with it. I promised never to wear it to bed.) It is so cool on. It looks just like a little star perched on my finger.

I'd recommend following the link above to check out these lovely rings in a bigger size. I'll warn you though, you might fall in love with something while you are there.

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