Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fun At Frenzy

I woke up early this morning partially in excitement to swap the numbers pages, partly due to dog barking but, I had to get to work. I had two chunky books to bind. First, the Art Unraveled Chunky book. Second, an extra chunky book my mom had given me from a kinetics swap she was in.

Then it was off to Frenzy after picking up Deb and my mom. After swapping out all the pages I met with the ABC girls and exchanged our ATCs. A turned out to be both for Asian and Acetate. B for Buttons, Bingo cards, birds and bling! This is going to be such a cool swap! I can't wait to add these ATCs to my rounder!

Of course I HAD to do a little shopping before the show and tell part of the swap started. I love, love, love this owl stamp! I might have shreeked when I saw it- yes out loud!

The numbers chunky book was amazing! Tons of high quality pages. (I'll share more when I bind this book which will be very soon.)

A few of us went over to The Food Bar for lunch and then one of the ABC girls gave my mom and I tons of stuff that she had cleaned out of her studio. She told us to see if their was anything we wanted and the rest could be donated to my school studio. OH MY GOODNESS! Their was tons of great stuff for us and plenty for the kids too!

This has been a great donation week for school! One of my mom's other friends donated a gazillion sheets of 12 x12 scrapbook paper and doodads too! I love sorting through art supplies to share withthe kids! I'm sure their will be more on the sort soon!


Karen said...

Yes, you did shriek - I heard you! It IS a great owl though. Wonderful at Frenzy!

Kelly Kilmer said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH who makes that owl stamp!?!?! I NEED one!!! Did Debbie have any more?? :)