Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project Purple Highlights

If you are a frequent visitor of my blog you may know that from time to time Girls night out can be a little unexpected. Last night Ayesha, Deb and I met up with Shannon in Mesa. First we had a little dinner at a super cute place called Mango's Mexican Cafe and Bakery. (I didn't see anything baking.) Then we went to Nielson's Frozen Custard, one of my all time favorites!

Ayesha said, gasp, it tasted like frozen yogurt. If you read the reviews in the link above, however, you will find others that agree with me! I was known to drive all the way to Mesa frequently 94 lbs. ago for this divine treat!

Next, on to the unexpected... Ayesha had an appointment to get purple highlights in her hair with the fabulous Laurie Lash! Ayesha had been waithing for these highlights for a long time now but waited until summer for the adventure. Because her hair is so dark it had to be lightened first. Naturally I had to get a picture to document the event!

Next stop purple highlights! Wow, now that's fun! It's actually subtle because Ayesha's hair is so dark. It almost requires a double take. We all love it! Plus it makes another great girls night out story!

P.S. I skyped with Sara tonight! Yay Skype!

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