Friday, June 20, 2008

The Start of Friday Fieldtrips

Summer is here but I have still been working Monday-Thursday teaching summer school, meeting with my new traveling art teacher, and I will be working on art curriculum next week for the district office. (I love curriculum-seriously! Just another of my quirky traits.) I also found out this week that I'll have additional responsibilities for the art department next year that will also require some summer work. I love all of these opportunities but I am also enjoying having Friday's off.

At the same time, my mom is watching Baby Kakes this summer because, "She'll never be this small again," which lead to the first Friday fieldtrip! I went to visit Mom and Kakes today and suggested we venture to Paradise Bakery for lunch. I think we all thought of it as a big adventure because this was the first time we ventured out together with out Buffy. We had a blast! Yes, it was just lunch but we were all in such a good mood and it seemed like a huge adventure!

With the combination of the heat (114 today!) and the adventure I think we were all ready for a nap by the end!

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Jeane's mom wrote:

Stinkin' cute photos. I can't wait for next Friday! You gotta love a baby that can take three bites of a cookie and turn away the rest. She did not acquire that ability from me.