Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ayesha introduced me to Skype probably a month ago and said, "It will change your life if you let it!" It cracked me up at the time but really it's amazing! Just imagine talking to anyone anywhere in the world and feeling like they are sitting just across from you!

On the night she demoed it for me we Skyped with Tyler in Michigan, poor guy. He had to listen to me say "This is crazy," about 100 times and I kept telling Ayesha, "It's like he's sitting right here," even though he could hear me.

Tonight Ayesha and I practiced using Skype for the first time. Remembering Ayesha's trip home coming up soon I made her promise to practice with me. I couldn't go for weeks without contact and why just talk on the phone when you can have a face to face chat, and for free non the less. We had fun looking at etsy together, and I even showed her a project I had made for a friend. Best of all she could hear all of Jim's commentary about our conversation and participate in all the dog barking nonsense. :)

If your computer has a camera you should definitely try out Skype. Downloading the software is free and remember, "It can change your life if you let it!"


tbaggervance said...

Glad I could help work out your skype kinks on your test run, but seriously, I don't know that its intended for people who live 15 minutes from each other!

Sara Crawford said...

What is your Skype name? I want to add you to my contacts.

Jeane Frizzell said...

Remember it's 15 minutes in 115 degree heat. Plus who could ever get enough Ayesha?

Kelly said...

It does change your life! Skype me!