Friday, June 27, 2008

B is for Bentley Who Has Bad Behavior!

I left my house for less than two hours and returned to find this little pile of nothing that once was my ABC ATCs that are due TOMORROW!

Let's just say I was not happy! Bentley likes to be an art helper only she does not understand that she is not helpful! This is her saying she is sorry. (You can tell because she is not looking at you.)

I had to remake the cards salvaging what I could and pulling out tons of materials. I'm not sure why making art is fun but remaking art is just annoying. I am happy withthe way the new ATCs turned out.

I have started adding my cards to my 7 Gypsies ATC holder that, after much consideration, will house the cards for this swap. I am excited about how it is looking and this is only the beginning.

Now I can finally go back to the other projects I was going to work on this morning. Just posting this makes it a LITTLE less irritating.


Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom said:
I', glad you are liking the inchies, especially when you weren't so sure if you would when you first heard about them. I love all of them. They are inspiring me to make sure mine are good enough. (Not as good, just good enough. I don't know if I could top all of these little gems.)
XOheartP, MH

Kelly Kilmer said...

I guess it's her way of saying that your art is yummy ;)