Monday, June 30, 2008

Numbers Book Bound

Today I ran to school to drop off all of the great donations I had accumulated and met up with Ayesha and Deb to bind our numbers books! This book is the best Frenzy Book swap yet!

After picking up our last paycheck of the fiscal year and saying goodbye to our retiring principal we headed out to have lunch at the stirfy place near school. (Deb and I love it and Ayesha humors us every now and then.) As fate would have it Ayesha left today to go home for almost 3 weeks, Deb leaves tomorrow heading home as well, and I leave on Wednesday for a little vacation with Jim. Deb and I will both be back in less than a week but needed to get one last dose of Ayesha before we all went on vacation. It is a little funny how we all scheduled vacations leaving at the same time.

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