Saturday, June 21, 2008

Creativity Resumes

I've had so many posts in a row dealing very little with art that even I was beginning to wonder where my priorities were. :) I was dreaming about making ATC cards last night and sprung into action this morning.

These ATC's are for a small swap with only 3 players. Our idea was to make an ATC for each letter in the alphabet as it pertains to art supplies, materials, and tools. We will be making 2 letters each month so for July I selected Alcohol Ink for A, and Brads for B. I am putting a random ATC stamp on the backs along with the definition of the featured item and a sticker letter. (The sticker letters you see here are clear so they may be hard to see.

After attending my ATC swap this morning I started working on the inchies for the next Frenzy Swap. Inchies are 1" square of art. Why would you make 1" squares of art you ask? They are lovely on cards, necklaces, or as embellishments but are really the most dramatic when grouped and framed with their friends. You can check out Debby's framed store sample here! I did my largest set first-27 letter S inchies. I will trade for the entire alphabet!

I still have 15 more set to make so you'll be seeing a lot more inchies here.

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I love them, and I can't wait to see the other sets. xoheartp, MH