Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Diamondback Adventure

Ayesha decided about a month ago that we NEEDED to go to a Diamondback game together. After Jim and Ayesha did a little research we discovered that the games that fell on Friday nights for the month of June had a firework show following the game. I am on the cheesy side about fireworks (Actually, my friends would probably argue that I fall on the cheesy side about most everything) so this was a huge bonus to me. We decided to go to last nights game...Friday the 13th.

Deb, Ben, and Ben's friend Ben, met Ayesha, Jim and I for the game. We had the best time ever ! Here are the highlights...

Fry's has this give away at each Diamondbacks game where people stand up with their Fry's card wave it and jump around to win a gift card to the store. Deb and Jim were joking around about it before the game and when Deb noticed the give away starting she passed her Fry's card down to Jim. He immediately stood up waved the card above his head with little enthusiasm and in a normal voice staring saying, "Oh yeah, over here, I'm your Fry's guy." The girls and I were dying laughing. The best part was that he kept this up until a winner was actually selected.

A Few innings into the game we noticed the kids sitting in front of us were beginning to find our conversations very interesting and being the teachers that we are we engaged them in conversation. Jim was predicting the kids favorite baseball players and before long Jim had gone to get them all star voting ballots. The best part was although Jim was trying to persuade them how to vote all three of the kids were voting for their own personal favorites. At one point one of the boys turned around and told Jim, "I really like your singing." Talk about adoration.

Later when a lady gave the ids a bag of cotton candy she had acquired for free it was only natural that they offered to share.

After the Diamondbacks hit a homerun in the 10th inning of overtime it was time for the fireworks! It was an awesome show that was set to music from classic horror films and Thriller of course!

Ayesha, Jim and I ended the night with a stop at Denny's. It was after 10 and Jim and Ayesha hadn't really eaten anything for dinner and part of being a good driver is getting your passengers safely to Denny's prior to getting them safely home.: ) Denny's was hillarious and the perfect ending to our night!

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miss sumbal said...

Such a wonderful recap of our fabulous evening together! :)