Monday, July 11, 2011

Cute and Easy...

That's how I like my vacation albums.  I got the inspiration to make an album like this somewhere a long time ago and it has been stewing around in my brain until this summer.  I actually started the Disney album on the very first day of my summer vacation and just made the Hawaii album last week.

The idea is simple, just take all of your vacation photos, back them with cool and random scrapbook paper (I only bought 3 sheets with Hibiscus flowers to make these two books, I was all about using what was on hand.), add postcards and random dividers and album!  I bought one pack of index card dividers for about $2 and a pack of book rings, also about $2 and I still have left over supplies.

In the Disney book, I collaged with labels on the backs of the pages and journaled.  When I went to Hawaii, I bought the postcards and just journaled a little each day so It was already done when I got home making this little album a snap!

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Fabulous, and even better in person!