Friday, July 15, 2011

K&Company's SMASH Book... A Review

In short... I LOVE it

So here's how it went down... I received an email from Two Peas in a Bucket that had a subject line about new CHA released products.  Now I was fairly sure this would cause me to do a little shopping as these types of emails always do but I knowingly clicked open the email anyway. At the top of this email was the SMASH book collection.  Honestly, it was love at first site.  I am a sucker for accessories and the go-withs for this journal were pretty spectacular.  Then I watched this video (Go ahead I dare you.) and knew I need one instantly.  Well, me needing one lead me to thinking I needed to buy one for Jessica and Andrea too because a) I had been looking for an unbirthday gift* for them, b) It would be fun to share the packs of accessories, and c) I thought it would be fun to work in them together.

After doing a little on line research I realized the whole line was pretty much sold out everywhere but got super lucky and found that almost everything was in stock at which meant I could pick my order up in Mesa, save on shipping and handling, and have the loot sooner! (If after you read this you need one too and they are sold out everywhere still be patient, it' so worth it!)

I am having so much fun just adding stuff into my SMASH book!  Some days I am doing a spread and some days I'm randomly attaching envelopes it just depends on my mood.

The best part is that I am using stuff that I was just saving for something special. Somehow it seems like it just belongs in this book.  Check out these l-o-n-g page tabs that I had hanging out in two sizes.  They were perfect for adding a quote to the top of my journal.  I love how busy this looks with the clips etc.

If you Google SMASH books you will see all kinds of people saying, " Why would you buy one just make your own..."  A ridiculous number of tutorials are online about how to make one- most of which involve a hole puncher and a set of book rings.  I say, you are going to spend just as much cash on decorative scrapbook paper to make your own (These books only retail for $12, it would be worth buying to rip the paper out and use in other projects it is so cool!) your not going to have the cool embossed cover or the fabulous SMASH pen, and if I absolutely had to have a SMASH book today and they were all out of stock, I would at least thread up a needle and bind my scrapbook pages together into a book instead of pretending like a pile of scrapbook paper with two book rings is really as cool as a real SMASH book. (No offense if you do but I feel better to have that off my chest. LOL!)

* I will write a post very soon about unbirthdays!


jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I love this post for more reasons than one!

ayesha said...

OMG! So cool!

jessica en fuego said...

I LOVE my SMASH book!! Thanks so much for this gift! I actually have a blog entry waiting to be published about my cute little book. Just need to finish a few more pages :)

Anonymous said...

Hm....a decorated comp note book and using whatever I have on hand is a lot cheaper. I just don't get it.

Jeane Frizzell said...

Yes, it's true a compostion notebook is cheaper however art is more about being visually pleasing to me and less about saving money.

I think if you held a SMASH book in your hands, felt the textured cover, saw the amazing paper, and heard the tiny squeek of the binding you might understand the fabulousness that is the SMASH book.

kris with a k said...

I just love the smash book too! I have just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer (caught it early, very treatable) but I am going to SMASH cancer and document it in a smashbook! :)

Dina said...

I agree...I did a Smash book (one page a day in August), and it was fab. I think it's a great product line! (And I have 3 more sitting here, waiting to be used...hee hee)