Sunday, November 25, 2007

2nd Favorite Things in Fabric Chunky Book Page

Someone dropped out of my mom's Favorite Things in Fabric chunky book swap. When no one new signed up to fill the spot I volunteered to make a second page. My mom already had her hands full doing two pages and the cover. When I started I felt like this page was going to be lame only because I was so happy with how the first page had turned out. In the end I love this page too. If you look closely you will see a clear letter f on top of the j. Also, the shiny spot is a dog tag with a word on it. This particular one says light but they were all different.
I made and important discovery on this project. I usually leave the back and sides for the end being so excited to do the front. I think that in the future I will do the sides and back first. That way the paper will still be flat and easier to stamp, collage, etc. I love when a project leads me to a new discovery about how I prefer to make art.

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