Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Dia De Los Muertos Chundy Book Is Done!

I was so excited to bind my chunky book pages for my Dia De Los Muertos pages that arrived a few weeks ago. I had been trying to think of a way to bind them that was out of the ordinary when it dawned on me Friday in an art teacher's meeting. I learned how to construct a portfolio using cardboard for a cover and colored Duct Tape as a spine. Next, you sew thin signatures into the Duct Tape and glue the pages to those signatures. If I've lost you all you need to really know is that is worked and is oh so cool! I loved the way the covers came out and have been starring at it since I painted it yesterday morning.
And, speaking of Dia De Los Muertos Swaps I have not yet mentioned my ever so fabulous charm swap bracelet. My mom surprised me by signing up for a charm swap because she knew how fascinated I was with Mexico's Day of the Dead. The charm swap worked like the book page swap. Each artist made 25 beads all alike, sent them in to Linda, the group moderator, who sent each artist one of each bead. The bead arrived on Halloween. My mom quickly attached them to a bracelet, that converts into a necklace by the way, So that I could wear in November 1-3 to celebrate! Although Jim's photography skills are stunning in this photo I was not able to get a picture that really shows how cool this bracelet really is. I got tons of compliment when I was wearing it and may wear it at other times of the year just for fun. It is big, loud, and commands attention, it's just my style.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Aww your Mom is just the *coolest*!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! MH