Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Third Anniversary!

Ah! After three years I am still super cheesy every time I talk about Jim. If you have read my blog at all I am sure I am super cheesy when I write about his as well. I can't help it he's just so darn cute!
This year for our anniversary I got him a case to house his shot glass collection. This turned out to be a very good choice and provided a lot of entertainment as well. First, when I ordered the case on a Monday it was on my doorstep the next Wednesday and I did not pay extra for shipping or anything. Jim happened to be off work when it arrived and carried all 52 pounds of it into the house. Next, he called me, "A really big box just got here. It has your name on it but I think it's something for me." He continued asking all kinds of questions about the box although I was certain he had figured out what was inside. Really, how many things could one person want that were that large? I told his, "You don't pay any attention to that box, Christmas is a long way off." He replied, "Christmas, you've got to be kidding me our anniversary is next week." -I warned you he was cute.
After the second day of Big Box Questions" I just let him open it already. After it as opened we had to empty out the closet in the dog's room to have a safe place to keep it until my dad could come over to hang it for us. After my dad got it hung on the wall It was adorable to watch both of them washing the glass doors and mirror over and over again. Granted it did still have streaks but watching them try to get them all off was priceless. Later that evening Jim found some heavy duty glass cleaner in the garage that finally got the case clean to his standards. Today we washed all of the shot glasses and he organized the case. It really is a lovely case, it is fun to watch him stare at his collection, and I got to recycle the cardboard box the glasses used to live in.
Jim got me a black and white nutcracker to compliment my black and white Christmas theme and a big fat box of books from Amazon is on it's way! I love books from Amazon.
I had an early release day so we got to eat a late lunch at Red Lobster, and our favorite, we vowed to stay up really late goofing with no school or work tomorrow. Small thing amuse us.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's official now. We're gonna have to keep him since he shows no signs of giving up on being so darn cute. MH

little miss ayesha said...

The nutcracker is cute! I was wondering if Jim stresses out when he has to get you a gift or not.