Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Adventures

Ah, Thanksgiving. This year Ayesha and my mom joined Jim and I on the adventure to my sister-in -law Vicki's house in Chandler. Vicki's house is always the meeting spot for Jim's mom and the crew. Part of the adventure this year was that traffic completely stopped on the freeway for several minutes. While this is not a shocking detail the two teenagers making out in the car in front of us and all of the men who either got out of their cars or stood on their cars to see what was going on was a little unusual.
Dinner was yummy and we, of course, ate way to much. Alex, my nephew, does not like turkey and opted rather for chicken nuggets. My mom had brought Alex a chocolate turkey from See's candy and during dinner said, "Alex, I've got a turkey you'll like." This naturally brought on a no I won't, yes you will conversation until my mom said, "What do you want to bet?" Alex decided he would bet $1 even though I warned him it was a trick. After cleaning up the kitchen
my mom said,"Hey Alex, let's finish this bet." We all gathered around. My mom said, "Okay , let me get this straight. I am going to give you a turkey, you are going to try it. If you like it you are going to give me $1. If you don't like it I will give you $1." Alex agreed, sat at the table, closed his eyes, and waited. This of course gave all the grown ups great pleasure. When Alex opened his eyes he picked up the foil wrapped bird and said "Okay, I'll try him." He unwrapped the foil bit off his head. His eyes got really big and you could see him thinking, what am I going to do now. With a big smile he said, "Okay, I like it." The moment was priceless. After my mom told him he didn't have to pay up on the bet he was relieved and happily ate the rest of his turkey.
After dinner we played with Alex's Nintendo Wii. Oh my! Ayesha warned me it was fun. I should have listened. Jim and I ordered one online today. (We couldn't find a store that had one.)
The last crazy thing that happened was late last night. The dog and I were sleeping by 8 and Jim was out at Santisi Brother's watching the ASU game with his friends. I heard him come home but fell back to sleep until I heard him calling to me. "Girl, wake up, can you come here, I need you." I walked in to find him holding his shot glass case to the wall. He explained that it was making a loud noise and he was sure it was getting ready to fall. We quickly unloaded the shelf unscrewed it from the top and took it off the wall. Luckily everything was safe and even luckier my dad was already planning to come to our house this morning to look at our washing machine which was acting weird yesterday. 4 toggle bolts, 4 more wall brackets, and 4 wall anchors later we are back in business with the shot glass display and Jim is happy again.

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