Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Internet Order Jinx & The Christmas ATC

First, lets just say you place and order online and after giving all of your payment information, address, and life history you recieve a confirmation number and a little thank you screen. Would you think your order was placed? How about if you went back to this web site entered your order number and it told you your order was in progress how about then? What if you called, waited 25 minutes on hold just to talk to a sales representative who told you the computer systems were just backed up that's why your package could not be tracked yet but not to worry your order would be on time? Would you believe the sales representative? If you answered yes to any of these questions you would be wondering where the heck you Nintendo Wii is just like Jim and I! Ugh, idiots! Should Fry's Electronics really have been surprised by the volume of sales on Black Friday? Hasn't this been the busiest shopping day of the year for eons now? Was yesterday the first day ever selling items on the web? If I had only known how much pleasure I would derive from Wii bowling two weeks ago I would have been fine. I could have just walked right into a store and bought the stupid game system, but no, I had to make this discovery during the busiest shopping time of the year. Now I'll be contending with all of the parents wanting to make their child's Christmas wishes come true and all of the people who are trying to buy them at store prices so they can jack up the price on ebay to help fund their own Christmas spending. (How's that for Christmas Spirit?) Anyway, I will find a Wii and I'm not paying $100 more than SRP either. I don't care if it takes months, but I can't promise I won't be irritated about it.

Second, lets just say you ordered a book form on October 31., would you expect to have it by now if it said it was in stock? Oh, no not me, I'm still waiting. After two phone calls they are finally reshipping it to me. It should be here in a week. Irritating, right. I must just be jinxed on mail order this week.
On a happier note I finished my Christmas ATC's. I naturally avoided normalcy like the plague and did pink and lime cards. The most fun part was that I did not have a plan when I started. I used my stamp from the dollar bin at Joann and just saw where it took me. I am happy with the way they turned out and I love the back. Debby, from Frenzy Stamper, had the coolest back on her October ATC and it inspired me to get more creative on the backs of my cards. See, she stamped an ATC label on the back of her card and then showed total disregard that it was even there by adding more stamps and her own self-sticking label . I loved the idea. It changed the way I think about backs of ATC's and Chunky books. They deserve to be fabulous and funky too!

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