Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saving the World One Piece of Paper at a Time

The city of Peoria finally caught up with the times and delivered a brown recycle can to my street late this week. When Jim and I went outside to check it out we discovered the cutest little recycle basket (If recycle baskets can be cute) for inside out house hiding inside the large can along with a list of items that could be recycled. While both Bentley and Harley were very disturbed by the arrival of this new garbage can, barking loudly for way too long, I was excited. I immediately read the list of items to be recycled to Jim and started locating items that were hanging around the house that would be perfect for recycling.
Four empty laundry soap containers, old newspapers, phone books, junk mail, and magazines, empty QT and Mobil cups (Plastic #2), empty cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, tissue boxes, you get the idea. The item I was most excited about discovering was my shot packaging. Both the individual shot packing and the needle plastic are made from plastics #1 and #2. This means that over half of the garbage created from each shot is recyclable.
As I was sorting through my garbage cans in the studio last night Jim said, "Honey, what are you doing?" I replied, "I am recycling and it's a lot of fun." Jim said, "That's my girl save the world one piece of paper at a time."


Jane said...

I love Jim! I bet every mother-in-law wishes they were as lucky as I. MH

little miss ayesha said...

I love you for being so excited about recycling. Maybe I'll just start bringing all my stuff over to your house!

Shannon said...

Gotta love Jim! My family and friends at school hate that fact that I am a recycling freak. Hey, every little bit helps. I wish that Chandler would start a recycling program. Maybe I should call the city. :) Plus, I get tried of taking my things to my parent's house. Way to go Jeane!