Monday, November 26, 2007

I Don't Want to Scare You But...

I promise this post has a very happy ending.

I was driving towards work this morning when I got the phone call no one ever wants to get. It was Jim, "Honey, I don't want to scare you but I think I am having a heart attack." Jim was on his way to the emergency room with nausea, dizziness, tingling in his arms, and heart palpitations. Luckily I had planned on stopping at my mom's house on the way to work and she drove me to the emergency room. Luckily, Jim was not having a heart attack but had an infection that was showing symptoms that turned into what the doctors think was a very strong panic attack. Talk about scary! It's hard not imagine how life could change in an instant.
After a lot of sleep, some antibiotic, a fever scare, and a second very yucky round of nausea, Jim is starting to feel better.

Now, for the very happy ending! My anniversary box arrived from Amazon today. There is nothing better than a great big pile of new books to pour through except knowing that they all get to live with you! I am so spoiled check out all of these great books that came today.
Rex Ray: Art + Design Rex Ray
Inspiration Tricia Guild
True Colors Kathryn Bold
Found Art Mosaics Suzan Germond
Artful Paper Dolls Terry Taylor
The Art of Personal Imagery Corey Moortgat
Mixed-Media Collage Holly Harrison
Mixed Emulsions Angela Cartwright
If I Did It OJ Simpson
I will have weeks and months worth of reading. I am so happy!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Phew. So glad to hear that Jim is ok. Also glad to know that he took the signs seriously and got himself to the doctor!!!!

WOW YOU made out like a bandit!!!