Friday, April 11, 2008

Animal Atc Swap

Tomorrow is my monthly ATC swap at Frenzy Stamper. The topic... animals. This topic was difficult for me. Although I have had animals all my life and I definitely consider my self a pet lover the topic in general doesn't give me great inspiration.

You might be thinking why not birds Jeane? You love birds and they are all the rage. I did consider it but having just done birds for my things with wings chunky book swap I thought I should try to go for the less obvious.

While brainstorming with Ayesha a few days ago I mentioned the idea of an elephant when she suggested a decorated, Indian elephant and inspiration was born.
I found a great decorated elephant online. Next I used acrylic paint, a henna stencil, and a Neoart water-soluable wax pastel to create the background. (An idea I had been wanting to try out after I saw it in Kelly Kilmer's art journal the last time she was in AZ.) A little collage paper and glue stick later and my ATC's came to life!


Kelly Kilmer said...

*love* it!!!

Altered Artists said...

Love the elephant! sorry I was MIA this morning I was with my sweet niece showing her swine at the fair. Quite the animal adventure, I'm sure the ATC trade was less smelly. ;)
See you next month, which of Kelly's classes did you sign up for? I am trying to decide......
ps I got my nose poked!

Jeane Frizzell said...

Oh, the ATC swap was quite the adventure!
I am taking both classes on Friday and both classes Saturday! Sunday is my sweet niece's first birthday party!