Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tape And Stickers

My tape and stickers arrived today from Japan With Love, an etsy seller. They accidentally sent me one roll that I did not order. I went back to their site to see if they still had the correct kind still in stock. This was a mistake! Now their are more rolls I think I need! I should have just waited for an email. I LOVE the cute little elephant stickers on the left!

I have been working on getting things ready for next Tuesday both at school and at home.

At School I will be setting up the Young Artist Exhibit on Tuesday. This is the big art event of the year for our school district. All 20 schools set up a six sided panel of 2-D artwork as well as a large table of 3-D Artwork at Desert Sky Mall. (This is the mall that is closest to our students.) Over 60 students will be on display from Davidson. It is exciting for the kids to be selected and they wait anxiously to find out who won ribbons! If you are out on the West side and you enjoy student artwork it is definitely worth the trip. The exhibit will be up from the evening of April 22- May 6. (Or you can just wait anxiously and I will post photos of my kids work.)

At home I will be hosting my wedding revisited! Jim really does not get this at all! Ayesha and Deb were wishing they could have been at my wedding (we didn't know each other then) and we decided we needed to revisit the event! I made revised versions of my wedding invitation, we are planning on ordering Chinese food to recreate the catering, we will watch the wedding video, and I have lots of other surprises that I can't reveal until Tuesday. The girls even said they were going to wear black dresses to be like my bridesmaids. Again, Jim thinks I am crazy and I am so excited!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

oh oh oh I need those elephant stickers!! Too cute! Too cute!
I'm off to etsy ;)