Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday Night Wedding

Wondering why I am posting at 6:30 on a school day? Well, this morning when I went to leave for work I closed my car door and it made a crunching sound. I rolled down the window on the driver's side and the window fell and will not roll back up. (I have been being very delicate with a crunching sound on the passenger side for weeks now. Never buy a VW, I repeat never buy a VW!) As you can imagine leaving your car window down all day at work is a bit worrisome. Luckily Deb lives about 10 second from my house. and will be picking me up shortly.

Anyway on to happy things. The wedding was a great hit. Deb, Ayesha, and I went to pick up Chinese food at a place near my house. When the girls cam in I had my wedding shadow box, guestbook, programs, bouquet (They were made from metal), and favors ready and waiting! I had even ordered a cake like we had for centerpieces at the wedding. We had a great time watching the wedding video and looking through my photo album. It's fun to be cheesy!

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miss sumbal said...

Jeane, I'm so glad I was able to be a bridesmaid at your pseudo wedding. :)