Saturday, April 12, 2008

More SASE Finally!

Two important people sent me SASE and I have taken forever to post them! The first is from Steve. Steve was my teaching partner from 6th grade who moved to Idaho to become a tree farmer, although he still teaches too. He's multi talented! He sent me his plane itinerary for a trip to buy trees in Oregon, pictures from home, a copy of his last passport photo, his business card, and an empty gift card from his son, Adam. I miss Steve.

I also got a really nice love note from Ayesha along with a bird and a beer label sticker. If you read my blog you know who Ayesha is. If not get to reading:) She wrote the love not in silver pen so it is hard to read so here goes:
Reasons I heart you:
1. You are cheesy and proud.
2. Your art is inspiring and you love sharing your inspiration and talent.
3. We were fast friends and it flows so easily (like friendship should).
4. Tuesday night dinners (or church)
5. Cutest brown and white nieces
6. Art Journal Club AKA writing intervention
7. Jim & Jeane. Need I say more?
8. Yay! or Yeah?
9. You are passionate and always speak up!
10. Born to teach theory
So many more-thanks for being you!

See, how could I not love Ayesha? Speaking of the count down is on!


Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom wrote:
The countdown??? Did I miss something?

Jeane Frizzell said...

Yes, you missed something... It's the countdown to Ayesha's birthday of course!