Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Mail & Shopping Days

I received both my Junk Drawer swap and an Amazon order in the mail late this week. I was happy with the Junk Drawer swap. It was a tiny swap of only 7 people but most of the pages had a wow factor and all were well done.

My Amazon Order contained Riceboy Sleeps and The Book Book: A Journey Into Bookmaking. I had to buy Riceboy Sleeps after reading about it on Kelly's Blog. I knew I would like it because of the recommendation but what surprised me was the adorable notebook type size of the book and the wonderful texture of the cover. I learned about The Book Book in a catalogue that I was ordering supplies for work from and knew I would need it. If you are teaching writing or art to children or just want to be inspired by the great collage illustrations this book is for you! I read it cover to cover as soon as I took it out of its packaging!

I ventured to Frenzy Stamper today for the Things With Wings swap. I was trying to be on my best behavior because I knew I would be back again on Friday and Saturday taking classes with Kelly and that means a 15% discount this weekend. (You should sign up for a class with Kelly and get your discount too!) I did pick up the latest edition of Artful Blogging & some black divider cards for my ATC spinner- I am sure these will be sold out by Friday, as well as some binding combs to bind my Things With Wings pages. (More on this little book tomorrow.)

My mom took Ayesha and I to lunch at a cute little restaurant called the Food Bar next to Frenzy (Yum!) and then we ventured to The Paper Studio. I don't get to the Paper Studio often, mostly because I find myself in enough trouble at Frenzy (the kind of trouble I like to be in), but Ayesha asked why we'd never been so we had to take her! ***I need to interject her that I am so thrilled that Ayesha is investigating art on her own and can already ask why we've never been shopping at certain stores and is introducing me to new product lines!*** I found all kinds of goodies! A 7gypsies punch, transparent ABC cards for my ATC spinner, stickers, rub--ons, waxed linen, glimmer screens, and a new Heidi Swap mask. I also found one gorgeous piece of paper who yelled out, "I love you" as I passed buy even though I was trying not to look at the beautiful papers. If you are planning on going to The Paper Studio soon plan for trouble! (Kelly, this means you!)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jeane,
My students are testing today so I’ve had some time to look over your blog. WOW! I’m amazed. Creativity and technology… only in Jeane’s world. I’ve missed your cheesiness.
Love, Steve

P.S. You make the web a brighter place.