Monday, April 21, 2008

How Sarah and Clorox Saved The Day

Okay so this title may be a bit dramatic but that's my style!

I teach art with anywhere from 150 (on early release days) to 200 students passing through my room each day. Add to that my love of messy fingers and I present to you BEFORE...

I know, its disgusting. I was in Sarah's room today when I commented on how beautiful her laptop looked and she said, "Do you need some wipes? I have some I can share." I know this seems like a simple gesture but I was so excited!
We had been told when we received our laptops that special computer wipes would be kept on hand but every time I pick one up they have been terribly dry and do about as much good as a school issued facial tissue.
Anyway, Sarah pulled out your regular old variety Clorox Wipes. I was shocked! With Sarah being one of the computer goddesses at our school I knew they were safe. Now I present to you AFTER...

I actually bought my own container on my way home from school and now as I type this I realize a Clorox Wipe will be my next stop at home too!

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