Thursday, April 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Everything has been so busy I feel like I am in a whirled wind. This morning the alarm went off as usual. I got Jim ready and off to work, got ready myself, ate breakfast, took the dogs out and put them in their kennels for the day got in my car. Everything as usual until I looked at my clock again and remembered that Jim went in to work one hour earlier today than usual. He told me last night as we were going to bed but it somehow did not sink in. Instead it just became part of the storm.

This week has been a little crazy with 2nd through 5th graders doing state testing and Kinder and 1st doing district assessments. All of my normal jobs at work have been changed to help facilitate the testing. I took the role of a 2nd grade teacher in administering the test in the morning, (The regular classroom teacher is out on Maternity leave.) And in the afternoon I have been helping in a fourth grade room. With 2nd grade testing complete I can't even remember what my schedule looks like for today. I will soon find out. :)

We did have Girl's Night out as usual on Tuesday which was nice. First Amber joined. Second Deb though it was only right to have a tailgate party for Ayesha's birthday. Her real Birthday will be next Tuesday and her Michigan roommates will be in town so the only way to surprise her was to do it a week early. We had party favors, a silly hat, and a I crafted a little birthday count down. We went to dinner at Which Which in Westgate. (Which Which = which sandwhich, Westgate = the area outside of the new football arena) It was the perfect place for a tail gate + Ayesha loves to tail gate! We ended up hanging out in several locations before we left and it turned out to be a nice break in the week.

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miss sumbal said...

Seriously, the best new best friends a girl could ask for! Thanks again, Jeane, I heart you!

PS-I cannot wait for the take-out Chinese wedding.