Sunday, April 6, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, Jiggity, Jig

Laughlin was a blast! I had so much fun I actually completely forgot about work for an entire day and a half. This is a huge feet the weekend before AIMS testing.

If you are ever find yourself in Laughlin you should definitely eat at the Hickory Pit in the Edgewater Casino! This is where we went for Jim's birthday dinner. While we were waiting to be seated we watched a guy select two lobsters from a tank to have for dinner. Not one but both of the lobsters tried to escape. The first one was trying to crawl off the aquarium lid while the second was being caught, and the second one actually jumped off of the tray the waitress was carrying them on. The first one also followed suit and tried to jump but the waitress caught him on the way down. I'm not sure where they though they was going but it was an escape attempt none the less.

As an added bonus there was the cutest little shop across from the Hickory pit where I bought the cutest little purse. I am always looking for a cute little purse for dressy occasions. I can't wait to use this one next weekend for a wedding Jim and I will be going to next weekend.

I received two envelopes late last week I will post them soon.

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miss sumbal said...

grrrrrr wedding next weekend.