Monday, July 21, 2008

Bits and Pieces

This week marks one year with Ayesha & Deb! The Gwen Stefanni surprise was a somewhat cheesy cover for a video I made of all of our adventures in the last year. I tried to up load the iMovie but it will not work for some reason (Even after waiting over night!)

I finished my metal inchies. They probably took the longest time to make and they are not my favorite but they will be interesting I think in a collage of inchies. I cut apart a Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi can and added a pop top to each one.

After hearing so much about Twilight I finally bought it last night. First my assistant principal told me that his wife made twilight inspired jewlery and sold it on etsy. Then Dawn told me she thought she'd never be in into a book that had a teenage main character who falls in love with a vampire but loves the books. And the series just kept popping up everywhere. I was shopping with Ayesha and Deb who were both mildly interested n the book so I justified the purchase as an investment for the three of us. I am the guinea pig to read it first. :) I am totally sucked in. I started reading it at 9:15 and the next time I looked it was 10:45. Keep in mind my beadtime is usually 8:30 so this says a lot! I'll let you know how it's going.


Altered Artists said...

Once you get to the meadow scene, you will fall in love with Edward and not be able to contain yourself. You will know when you get there and will also need to run to the local bookstore for the next one, Which is called New Moon, BTW.

miss sumbal said...

You are such a sweetheart for making us that iMovie surprise. I'm so glad that I met you in the first days after my move from Michigan. I'm not going to get too cheesy in a blog comment, but it makes me smile every time! :) Thanks for being you.

Altered Artists said...

I just posted a give away on our blog I am giving away a copy to one lucky winner, pass it on.
BTW, I sent a copy to a friend I have been begging to read the book and in 4 days she had read all 3!!
If you are interested in going to B&N for the new release let me know.