Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yay CA! Saturday

Mom & I arrived safely home in AZ this evening with a bunch of new toys and great memories as well!

Realizing that I'd never be able to remember all of the great things that I'd want to tell all of my dear blog readers we decided to create a list of the top five each day. Due to the narration of the top five I will be breaking up the days at least a little. This along with the picture of the stuff I bought paint a great picture of our trip!

Saturday Top Five:
(A little background- After landing in CA and getting our rental car we headed to the Fashion District. Top: Shirts I bought for only $6 & $8!)
1) Our first site of the Fashion District. Just imagine a swap meet that seems to go on for miles. The most exciting part was blocks of fabric stores with rolls and rolls of fabrics standing out on the street many accompanied by signs that said $1 a yard!
2) Telling off the Michael Levine Upholstery Sales Lady. I know this sounds terrible but just hear me out. First, you should know that their are few restrooms in the fashion district so imagine our surprise when we asked the sales lady where we could find a restroom and she said we have one at the back of our store. We find the restroom discover that it is a pay restroom scramble for a quarter turn the knob-nothing. We return to the counter tell the lady what happened she first starts talking to the other sales ladies in another language, they look through a drawer, tell us their must be someone in the restroom to go back and knock. We follow the directions as annoying as they are. An irritated man yells from behind a door marked employee's only go to the counter they have a key. My mom stays at the restroom just in case someone comes out where the already annoyed man continues to yell at her about not having the key. I go to the front wait a very long time while the sales lady avoids me. Finally, she says I don't have a key you have to go across the street! I was like, oh no! I said, "You have got to be kidding me. I asked where there was a restroom. You told me to use your restroom when you knew it did not work and you did not have a key!" She said, "You just have to go across the street." Very unsympathetically. I said, "And how will I pay to use the restroom across the street when you had me put my quarter in your broken restroom door? If your restroom was broken you should have told me to go across the street in the first place and not lied to me and said that someone must have been using it. Now you have waisted my time and my money." This sales started talking about how she'd just have to call the manager (I wanted to say, "Thanks, please do!") When another sales lady magically found a quarter to give to me. When we crossed the street to Michael Levine Fabric Paradise (We loved this store.) we found a line of people holding the door for each other so no one would have to pay-HA! I did find the cool skull fabric below for a pair of PJ bottoms.

3) The Skirt Steal. The Loft, a Michael Levine remnant shop, sold fabric by the pound and I found the most gorgeous fabric (purple above) for my mom to make a skirt out of. About 4 yards for $2! Wowie!

4) Waiting for dinner. We went to dinner at a beach. When we put our names in they took my cell number and told us that we could go look around for 30 minutes and they'd call us when our table was ready-how cool is that! We spent 30 minutes walking on the beach. It was the best wait ever!
5) Falling. We got to sit upstairs for dinner which was cool. The transition from being out side to being in a dark restaurant did not happen quickly for me. I totally did not see the second step and fell forward going up the stairs. Being used to falling in public I recovered quickly and my mom did not even notice this blunder. When it was time to go I was in the restroom noticed my mom coming down the stairs and just as we met at the bottom of the stairs she missed the same step that I tripped on and fell hard on the floor. I did the normal daughter response, "Mom are you okay? You've got to get up." (You know that's what you'd say if you just saw your mom fall down too) Now if you've ever fallen especially in public you know it takes a second to get up. The guy from the restaurant runs over-probably in his 20's and says, "Mam are you okay do you need me to call the ambulance?" My mom just gave him the look, got up said, I'm okay, and started walking out. Although it was not funny right in the moment it was hilarious by the time we returned to the car.

Stuff I bought: Shirts, fabric, 1 yard of lace with metal thing on it pictured above with fabric. Mom bought me the skull patch. Please bear with the bad hotel lighting in these photos. I had to take all the picture before I rearranged teh goodies to come home. :)


Kelly Kilmer said...

I am SO happy you two are home safe and sound but am SO very sad at the same time!! It was way too much fun that I did not want to end :)

Jeane, a funny thing-I was checking your blog Sun & Mon night and then I realized DUH she's not home yet!!!!!!She's HERE! LOL!! How funny is that?!?!!

Love the picture of you & your Mom! Great shot!!!

You got some great deals.

One bad thing about L.A.-no bathrooms :(

Can't wait to see the other posts and what you bought!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom said:
This is all true. I have bruises just now surfacing on both knees and a big smile on my face to prove it. For anyone that is interested, you can also buy Baby Converse tennies in pink in the fashion district. Kakes and her parents love them.
xoheartp, MH

Altered Artists said...

OMG you two sound like you had so much fun! Just like 2 peas in pod for all the stuff you like to share with your Mom. See you soon, Sat maybe??