Sunday, July 6, 2008

Today's Inchies And Other Adventures

Today I made my pink inchies as soon as I woke up. I wanted to be sure they were done before my lunch date with Buffy and Baby Kakes.

I have also been doing lots of rearranging around the house. I got a bookshelf at school so that I could move all of my teacher art books to school. I was in desperate need of shelf space for my personal art books. I have boxes of books ready to be moved tomorrow morning and all of my personal art books have a new home off the floor. I also cleaned out a file drawer full of teacher art stuff to go to school. This will give me space to rearrange my home files so that I can actually put things in and take things out of these drawers. Talk about exciting! I joke with my friends that I spend half my life moving things back and fourth between home and school.

Full of energy with this much reorganizing completed I decided to start working on my magazine pile. I have been wanting to rip out the things I want and get rid of the rest since spring break. It looked like a big job but whoa!

50, yes, 50 magazines in and I barley made a dent. I went though every single magazine page and got all of the good stuff out. It does motivate me to get more done. I'll keep you posted.

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miss sumbal said...

Love the REI bag caught in the background! ;-)