Friday, July 11, 2008

Gwen Stefani Paper Dolls

Do you have some time to kill or are you looking for some great girls for collage? Check out this site. You can make great Gwen Stefani Paper Dolls for free! I found this site a while ago but just used it for a top secret project. Stay tuned for a few more weeks if your dieing to find out what it is!

Tomorrow Mom and I embark on our mother daughter CA art adventure. We have all sorts of craziness planned including meeting up with Kelly Kilmer! I'll be away from my computer until Wednesday morning but expect a great blog post then!

When Jim and I go out of town together we are willing to pay $10 a day for Internet access so he can monitor his fantasy teams. He considers this an investment. While I'm gone with out him I'd rather spend $10 on art supplies! Go figure.

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Jeane's mom said:
And I'd rather spend the $10 on Kakes! Whooooowheeee We're off!