Saturday, July 5, 2008

Home And Back At It

We got home safetly today picked up the dogs from my dad's house and I was back to making art!

I made my self a deal to make at least one set of inchies each day until I have all of my sets done. They are not all due until the beginning of August but I have tons of other little projects that I want to work on before school starts again as well. (The beginning of the year always sneaks up on me.) Today I made the blue inchies. When I found these little blue clothes pins in my recent donations I knew I had to use them. Luckily, today I received an envelope of ATC's that had a few pieces of paper as a little surprise and one of them was blue and flocked and it begged to be on the blue inchies as well.

The best part was that I found these tiny 5/8 x 7/8 in labels at staples and now I can print stickers to go on the backs of my inchies. While it took a while to figure out the formatting, it is saving a ton of time on labeling. (The labels are so tiny I couldn't get my camera to focus on them so please bare with the blur.)

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