Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Okay, no inchies today. It just didn't happen (so far anyway). I did make my letter C ATCs though. C is for chipboard. I wanted these ATCs to really look grungy like chipboard but I added color to the different chipboard pieces because I was going for a more finished look. I wanted to make C ATCs celebrate chipboard because it is rarely seen but serves an important role as the skeleton of many projects.

You may have picked up on the fact that I watched several hours of the Project Runway marathon today from that description/justification I just gave. It wasn't intentional but as I reread the description I found it a little funny.

Today I also: (A play by play)
* Shredded all of my documents from 2006 (I keep them for two year just in case)
* Filed all of my documents from 2008 (Finally)
* Weeded out my old/out of style clothes from my closet
* Went to Target to preview the school supply section
• Went to Borders to look at Paperchase and Kluts books (bought nothing although I was drooling over a skull note pad but just bought one with monsters a few days ago and I clearly don't NEED two)
* Went to the 99 cent store looking for plastic containers (bought nothing)
Now brace yourself...
• Went to pick up lunch at Paradise Bakery- I get to the check out the lady says, "Would you like to buy a cookie and get 3 free?" I gasp. Seeing my weakness she says, "We've never had a deal this good before." I say, "I get one for free right." She says, "Yes, just one." I quickly say, "No thank you I don't need them." She says, "You don't have anyone you can give them to?" I think not without eating them first and just say no. She says, "Well I'm proud of you." I felt proud too. It did make me wonder if I had a Weight Watchers logo blinking on my forehead but it did make a good story at my meeting tonight. :)

Tomorrow I am going to Frenzy Stamper with Deb to take a class called Button-PaLooZa with Rosie. It sounds like a fun time. If you are free from 10:30-12:30 you should come play too!

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miss sumbal said...

I'm proud of you- I always love the WW stories!

On another note, I miss you and Arizona and am excited to get back to all of it. :)