Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yay CA Monday

Monday Top Five:
1) Breakfast at Lulu's. After picking Kelly up we* went to Lulu's for breakfast. I had Yummy chocolate chip banana pancakes!
2) Shopping with Kelly. SO much fun! Just wait for the what I bought section.

3) Meeting Joe. We had no idea that we were in the presence of greatness when we went to Zinnia. :) When we were checking out we realized that we all had Joe's stamps and my mom made him take a picture with them. Do you see him blushing?

4) Dinner at Canter's Deli. As we were driving back to the hotel from Kelly's we saw Canter's Deli. The pastries in the window called to us as we drove by so we stopped and had dinner. We couldn't believe how many types of mustard were on our table! My mom said the Pastrami on her sandwich was the prime rib of pastrami.

5) The Quiz. Once we go to the hotel my mom took all of my bags and I took all of her bags. We each took turns trying to remember all of the things we had bought. We each remembered most of what we had bought, The hard part was trying to remember each of the pens! Just wait for the what I bought section.

What I bought:

First stop- Kino-Buy-It-All (kinokuniya). This was a super cool book & Stationary store in Little Tokyo. I bought new pens and markers. (What, their are still pens and markers I don't own yet.) Mushroom tab stickers, and a really cool book Gallop (One for me and one for Kakes. Sssh, she doesn't know about it yet.) with moving Op Art pictures.

Second stop- Zinnia. Cute, cute,Cute. We were super lucky they opened on Monday just for us! I bought robot paper, the petal Maya Road Sheer Sheet, vintage gnomes, a glitter spider magnet, small buttons (not pictured-duh!), and my prized beetle bracelet! It is so me, super cute, I think the kids will love it, and it was a steal for under $12!

Third stop-Folk Tree. A store full of Mexican Folk art. I bought Papel Picado to hang at school for Dia de los Muertos and a small tin box. I've done these projects with my kids but it's always so much cooler when the kid can see a "real" on too!

Fourth stop- Dick Blick. I always order stuff for school from their catalogue so it was fun to go in person. I bought skull erasers and a hypotrochoid (Spirograph) art set. I'd been looking for a Spirograph and had not been able to find one at a reasonable price-I was so excited!

Next stops- Mimio and Paper Source. Both cool paper stores but I actually didn't buy anything. (Please don't faint.)

Final stop- Soap Plant /Wacko. This is a what0-not -shop and gallery. The Gallery is called La Luz De Jesus. I bought 2008 calendars of O'Keefe and Kahlo for only $1. I can cut them up to use for displays for the kid when we study these artists! Such a deal! Tiny skull stickers, and decorative packing tape. Besides being super cool the thin rolls were only $1.50 and two of the thick rolls were only $1!

Whew! What a day! IT was a total blast!


Jane said...

Jeane's mom wrote:
I think it is time for another poll on this blog. I frankly miss them. Perhaps you could get some reaction to some of the things we saw in this fine shop and Light of Jesus Gallery, such as the Last Supper lunchbox. Would people find this item
•appropriate only if used for something other than lunch
•appropriate for lunch or whatever
•completely distasteful
•Excuse me, what type of lunchbox?
Just an idea,

miss sumbal said...

Another reason why Deb, you and I were meant to be friends:

Deb has that Gallop book! I saw it and loved it and borrowed it for my class. Crazy, eh? I'm jealous of all your art supplies.