Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yay CA Sunday

Sunday Top Five:
1) Not really sleeping. I think my mom and I were both too excited to sleep. We kept waking up and having conversations throughout the night until it was really time to get up.
2) Carpooling with Kelly to The Art Bar.
3) Breakfast at The Gypsy Den. This restaurant was yummy and really looked like a gypsy's den. Plus the bathroom had a cool design painted up one wall across teh celing and onto a second wall.

4) Fukoro Toji Book making class with Kelly. I missed this class last time when Kelly was in Scottsdale so it was great that she was teaching it while we were in CA!
5) Pizza & Fruit dinner. We were so tired, probably from lack of sleep and art exaustion, that we grabbed a pizza and fruit tray in the lobby of our hotel and had dinner in our room. This also left time to sort through some things from Kelly and work in out newly made journals.

Stuff I bought: Canvas Remixed, tiny glass bottles, mini ABC stencil, two artist rings, thin purple and red sharpie poaster markers, poision labels, Teresa Collins book covers and pages for the Zutter.

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Kelly Kilmer said...

LOVE the book! Can't wait t osee the other goodies you 2 found ;)