Monday, July 7, 2008

Orange Inchies & The Magazine Update

Today was orange inchie day! I was feeling unsure of what I would do for my orange inchies until I was inspired by ripping pages from an October issue of Sommerset Studio. I knew I had this gorgeous scrap of orange swirled paper and it all came together with some orange scrapbook nails that I acquired in the recent donations! (I'm just hoping my donating friend is not kicking herself each time I show how I used something I gleaned from her in an inchie project. Really, I think just getting something new and free provides tons of inspiration and a challenge to put it to use.)

I spent three hours, yes three (although I'm not sure how), hours at school labeling all my books and organizing my new bookshelf. I love having my bookshelves organized. It means all my books have proper homes and none of them live on the floor! (I know this is nerdy for the record.) I also went through another 53 magazines! Here's the progress...

I know no one reading this blog is thinking, "Ooh, I hope their is a picture of Jeane's magazine stack." when they come to my page but somehow sharing it with you makes me happy. Ayesha left a comment on the last post that she likes seeing the REI bag in the picture (It's her bag). I like it too because it gives you something to judge the size of the stack against. 103 magazines in the recycle bin and still I have a few hanging out on top. Wow, who would have guessed?

On second though maybe I should have titles this post Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert! :)

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