Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dilated eyes

I went to work in my class room for a few hours yesterday and then headed off to an eye appointment. As I was waiting I was reading Twilight, of course. The first eye girl calls me back says she's going to dilate my eyes. I say yeah sure because it's never been a problem for me before just inconvenient. Apparently I've never tried to read before with dilated eyes because instantly I could not read. It was even difficult to see the glasses that I was trying on. (Although I found a very cute pair with lots of bling on the side. I can't wait for them to arrive in about two weeks. And, the best part is that my prescription did not change so I can use my pair now that I love as a backup without replacing the scratched lenses since I won't wear them every day.:)

I found myself irritated that I could not read my book, tried to do it anyway even though I was reading very slowly and ended up having such a headache that I had to just take a nap. Finally at 6:00 after my Weight Watchers meeting I was able to read normally. I still have my headache this morning. Was it worth it you ask? Yes. I can't believe that I'm hooked on a vampire book but it's true.

I did manage to finish my purple inchies.

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