Thursday, July 10, 2008

How Could I Forget?

I was so excited about the buttons that I forgot to mention how excited I was that Debbie had sprockets in stock and waiting for me when I arrived today! These sprockets are so fun to play with check out what I've made this afternoon. I love the grungy metal combinations.

I also made a set of people inchies. I decided to use the last set of people inchies I made for the red exchange instead.


Debbie Bick said...

dang girl i only got one go girl....looks great now i need to make more..

Anonymous said...

Jeane's mom said: I love these inchies too.

Karen said...

Wow! These are fantastic! Guess I'd better get my butt to the store before all that good stuff is gone!

Karen said...

Oops! Love the inchies, too! Don't you think you could use these for the b&w ones? (I'm not in the people one!) LOL!

Jeane Frizzell said...

Thanks & don't worry I can hook you up! :)