Thursday, July 10, 2008

Button PaLooZa

Oh my gosh! When I signed up for Button PaLooZa with Rosie a class description had not been posted online yet. Imagine my surprise when I arrived and found out that I got to make not only a baker's dozen of buttons but a carrying case as well! Oooh! It's these little details that make Rosie so fabulous!

We were able to bring our own artwork to put inside our buttons or use the loads of Rosie Original artwork to create our mini masterpieces. We added words and star glitter to help createthe magic.

I LOVE my buttons! (I even had to buy two additional buttons because I couldn't live without them!) I am having so much fun just starring at them, and taking them in and out of the box. If you missed this class not to worry. Rosie will be having more button classes with even more new artwork! If you are thinking that sounds fun but what will I do with so many buttons Rosie will show you how to make them into magnets or even adorable dangles for your projects. Trust me, you need to take this class at least one time! It was a blast!

See other class by Rosie at Frenzy here!


Kelly Kilmer said...

look at those buttons!!!!!!!
love 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

I love these, got here by way of Kelly's blog post. Wish I were close enough for this class, what a great idea.