Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Metal inchies?

I didn't get to my inchies until just now and they are still drying. So, rather than the lovely black backdrop as usual you get my messy workspace. I think these will be my metal inchies but they could be my free choice as well. I just had to make some with pennies. I couldn't get the idea out of my head.

I would show you an updated picture of the magazine stack but it no longer exists! The final count was 151 magazines. I couldn't believe it! When I got to the bottom I discovered that the magazine box was not only bowed from the weight of the magazines but missing a handle as well. I decided to toss it for two reasons 1) If I don't have a magazine box I wont save 151 magazines to process all at one time, 2) It's one less thing in the studio to attract dog fur. :) The only magazines that I did not rip wer my Artful Blogging magazines. I look at these more like workbooks. I flag all the sites I want to visit and until I have visited them all I just have to keep them. The good news is that they have a place on a bookshelf and are now nice an tidy. I also cleaned out the dog's room today. We had accumulated tons of random boxes. I retrieved all the owners manuels and important parts and recycled the rest. I sure hope Jim can move the now full recycle bin. :)

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